What’s Networking?
The short answer is …. . Well, … there actually is no short answer.

So, what is it?
It’s all about building and maintaining Networks.
XD Look at that, there is a short answer.

What’s a Network then?
Let’s see that in the next section (right below this one).


Network… quite hard to define.
Well, it’s a connection between two or more things (devices in our case).
The medium of the connection could be a cable, radio signal, voice or whatever. As long as the devices in the Network can communicate with each other.

Just like how people are talking.
The speech is the medium, the mouth would be a transmitter while the ears are receivers and the voice would be the medium (sometimes called bus. Not important).

Networks work just like that speech analogy. Only we call the transmitter client and the receiver server.
The receiver (server) then does something, depending on the client’s request.
If the server does not understand the client’s request, it would most likely return an error message.

Networks, like any other computer-related topics, are actually separated in two. Hardware and software.
We will be focusing on the latter first.

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  1. I love how you connected the dots between networking with people through voice and listening and networking through electronics. Never thought of it that way! Thanks for sharing

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